Write down what you eat to improve your weight loss

Tracking what you eat can help you improve your weight loss. How, you might ask. Well, we’ll show you some of the benefits of keeping a food diary.

You’ll be more aware of what you eat

When your schedule is busy it may be hard to keep track of everything you eat and to stick to a healthy food regimen. And afterwards it’s quite not easy to remember everything you’ve eaten and to reflect on your eating habits. But keeping a food diary will help you keep track of what you’ve eaten and be more aware of it.

You’ll learn new things about your eating habits
If you keep a food diary, then you’ll quickly realize what are your eating habits and how much carbs, fats and protein are you consuming and this will help you make changes accordingly, in order to reach your goal.

It’ll show you your progress
When you are writing down what you eat during the day, you can see what works for you and what doesn’t work. You can track your progress if you also log how much kilos have you lost which will allow you to see how much progress are you making and which are the best ways
to achieve your goal in terms of weight loss.

You’ll realize facts you weren’t aware of
When you keep track of what you eat, it’ll be easier to spot if you are consuming more carbs or fats than you intended to or how much fats and carbohydrates are you actually having in your dietary regimen.

It’ll help you stick to your plan
When you keep a food diary, since you write down everything you’ve eaten during the day, you’ll be feeling more accountable and you may think twice before consuming certain foods or drinks.

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