Why nuts have so much calories

You’ve probably heard people saying that nuts contain plenty of calories. And, yes, nuts have lots of fats and carbs. That’s why they are excluded of some particular diets. But are you wondering why is that so? Have you ever wondered why do nuts have so much calories?
Well, the answer is quite simple actually and we’ll explain it for you.

Nuts and calories

From evolutionary point of view, nuts have had to become dense in calories because they have to provide a “Starting pack” of energy to the sprout in order to grow a new plant aka replicate. The plant growth requires a lot of energy because the plant has to quickly grow it’s structure, leaves, etc. The faster a plant can do this, the better. And the “Starting pack” of calories sure does help achieving this goal.

See, nuts and seeds need to be planted in the ground in order to grow. But after they start growing, they need to break through this land in order to get over it, grow their structure and get sunlight. And that’s quite a hard task which requires lots of energy. After all, only the roots should stay below ground in order to get the necessary nutrients. But at first, before the nuts and seeds grow their roots, they are completely dependent on their own resources. The more energy (aka calories) a nut contains, the more effective it will be in growing its structure. Also, it needs to quickly grow its leaves in order to start doing photosynthesis – a vital process, which converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and provides light for the necessary processes which should take place in the plant. And, once again, the quicker a nut or a seed can achieve the growth of its first leaves, the better. And it takes the necessary energy from its own inborn calorie content.

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