Why fast metabolism might be better for muscle building

You’ve probably heard that fast metabolic rate means one burns calories faster and is less prone to gaining weight or can more easily lose the extra weight. But you are probably wondering what does that means in respect to gaining muscle. Is the fast metabolism bad for muscle growth? Does it stop you from reaching as much muscle mass as someone with slower metabolic rate would achieve? We aim to resolve this questions and provide you
detailed answers on everything you need to know about the fast metabolism in respect to muscle gain.

Fat metabolism is wonderful for losing body fat. But actually this means that you can eat more (and even some unhealthy foods, even though we don’t recommend it) without gaining body fat. With proper data and knowledge you can actually pretty easy gain muscle mass and still stay within the healthy body fat percentage without having to watch what you eat and your diet won’t be restricted in any of the important nutrients which are vital for the function of your body.

Why, then, I’m not gaining muscle mass?

Well, the question is quite simple – you are just no eating enough and you aren’t lifting heavy enough. If you don’t eat enough, then you cannot get enough calories to help you build muscle mass. And if you aren’t lifting heavy enough, then you aren’t providing strong enough stimulus which is needed to enlarge your muscles.

And how to gain muscle mass with fast metabolism?

First, start consuming more calories per day. Calculate how your many calories your body spends – to do this, multiply the current weight by 18. Then start gradually increasing the number of calories on every two weeks – consume 20 times the current weight in calories.

After two more weeks, multiply your current weight by 22 and increase the intake of calories by this number.

Focus more on high-quality foods. Such are nuts, whole grains, dehydrated fruits, etc. High quality carb sources add more nutrients to your dietary regimen and those nutrients can help you gain muscle mass. Also, if your schedule is busy and doesn’t allow for frequent meals, make yourself some homemade smoothies with protein powder, juice and skim milk to provide your body with additional calories.

Do weight training every other day. And focus on heavy compound lifts. Lower reps with higher weight may be more effective for people with fast metabolism which want to gain weight. And if you are doing compound movements, this means you are stimulating multiple muscle groups which stimulates more muscle fibers – and those are the same muscle fibers which are responsible for the muscle growth.

For 20 minutes 2-3 times a day you should do cardiovascular exercise. Such is swimming, cycling or jogging. This strengthens your cardiovascular system which is absolutely important. And even more if you are trying to put on some weight. People whose metabolic rate is higher require shorter and lower in intensity cardiovascular workouts than those with regular or slow metabolism. This type of exercise also promotes the delivery of nutrients to the muscles and decreases the risk of breakdown of the muscles.

Consume enough protein. This nutrient is absolutely vital for the repair of your muscles (and, remember, the process of repairing the muscles is what leads to muscle growth). For example, women doing strength training requite 0.8-1 g of protein per a pound of body weight. This means that a woman with weight of 140 pound will need 112-140 g of protein per day. Consider adding low-fat dairy products, eggs, lean red meat, soy or poultry in your
dietary regimen to ensure proper protein consumption.


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