Why are there yo-yo effects when starting new nutrition plan

Eating healthy is a very important thing. But some people, when they go on a new nutrition plan, notice that there is a yo-yo effect in the end. They lose a few pounds and then they regain it after a few months. Usually the reason is that you’ve picked a too radical diet with too little calories, or a starvation diet. Don’t forget that the diet should be healthy and balanced.

What are the causes of yo-yo effect?

One reason are starvation and crash diets. Yes, they may help you rapidly lose weight. But they cause deposition of extra energy and change your calories into fat to secure your body against starvation. After you finish the diet your metabolism has slowed down and resulting the calorie intake leads to quite an increase in the weight of your body.

Poorly balanced diet is another reason. The diet should contain a healthy balance of all the necessary nutrients. The calorific value of the meals should be enough for the energy you’re using up.

Lack of physical activity may also lead to yo-yo effect. Don’t forget that any diet requires also physical activity or otherwise you may lose your muscle mass. Also, training speeds up your metabolism and also controls the energy balance. Or you may be coming back to your old eating habits. If you treat your diet as a way to lead a healthy lifestyle but not a one-time adventure, then you may have done a step towards avoiding the yo-yo effect.

Inappropriate comeback from your diet also promotes yo-yo effects. You should gradually increase the intake of calories by a hundred to 150 kcal every week. The process will allow you to slightly adjust to larger amount of energy and won’t store the extra calories as fat cells.
Insuficient hydration, too, plays a part. The recommendation is to drink approximately 2 l of water every day. This will speed up your digestion and will positively affect your metabolism.

What yo-yo effect leads to?

Well, the biggest effect of yo-yo dieting is that you’ll gain weight again. Yes, in the beginning you might lose some pounds but eventually you’ll regain them and may even put on some extra fat tissue.

Yo-yo diets (aka starvation diets) may lead to dysfunction of the digestive system. The sudden transition to consummation of a low calorie amount throws off the healthy bacteria in the gut – those are the ones which aid the process of food digestion.

Yo-yo diets may also result in muscle loss. That kind of dieting depletes the entire body and can easily make you lose muscles especially if you don’t work out.

If you are in a poor physical health, yo-yo diets may be harmful for you. The process of severely depleting the body of energy leads to increased risk of heart diseases, liver cancer, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, stress, frustration, irritation, etc. So instead choose a healthy diet to maintain healthy weight and normally functioning body.


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