Which is more important for bigger arms – big biceps or big triceps?

It’s good to have well-built and strong arms not only because they will look good but also because you use them in your daily life. So it’s really important to include arm training in your work-out session. But one question that many people ask is whether the biceps or the triceps are
more important for bigger arms. Let’s first start with the anatomy of the arms.

Arm anatomy

The upper arm muscles are divided into three different parts – of course, the first two are the biceps and the triceps while the third category is the brachialis. The last one is also important but here we’ll focus on the first two because they are the most important for the heavy lifting.


They are in the front of the arm, running from the elbow to the shoulder joint. They are made of a long head and a short head. They help you bend the elbow which means that they are important for rotation of the forearm and for pulling things.


Triceps also run from your elbow to the joint of your shoulder but in the back of your arm. They are made of three different muscle bundles, namely, lateral head, medial head and long head.

They are extensor muscles with a main role of straightening the elbow. Thus, they are important for pushing angles and throwing things.

Which ones are more important?

Usually most people focus mostly on the biceps. But when we consider the fact that we want bigger arms in the long run, this strategy actually isn’t effective. The best option is to work on all the muscle groups in your arms – biceps, triceps and brachialis. If you don’t do this then one of the muscle groups will be weaker than the rest – this is not only bad for how your arms look but will also leave you prone to injuries of the arms and the shoulders.

Still, it might be a safe bet to put more attention on the triceps because they are larger than your biceps and have more growth potential. Also, they are responsible for 2/3 of your arms so you can’t get bigger arms if you neglect them.
And it’s important to mention that since they work in tandem – one biceps contract when the triceps relax and vice versa – training one muscle group is helpful, to some extent, to the other one, as well.

How to train your biceps?

  • The best biceps exercises are:
  • Hammer curls with dumbbells – either train both hands at the same time or alternate
  • Barbell curls – you can do them with barbell, dumbbells or EZ bar;
  • Cable hammer curls with cable or rope – here you should only more the forearms while keeping the upper arms stationary;
  • Dumbbell alternate biceps curls.

How to train your triceps?

The best triceps exercises are:

  • Triceps kickback with dumbbells – keep your shoulders stabilized and don’t lock your elbows;
  • Skullcrushers – you can do them while lying down on the ground, on a decline or flat bench;
  • Rope triceps press downs;
  • Triceps overhead extensions using rope or cable – this exercise trains all muscle bundles in your triceps.


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