What is skinny fat

The term skinny fat, is often used to describe people’s bodies. The main idea behind skinny fat is that the body is skinny and fat at the same time. But how is that possible? The body can be either skinny (meaning with really low body fat and muscle size) or fat (with a lot of body fat).

What does skinny fat mean

Most of the times, the term is used to describe bodies that have high body fat percentage, yet they have really low muscle size. So for example, when people are with high body fat percentage, they often have average or even bigger muscle size. But there are people that do not work out ever, and have really low activity time, so they have body fat and yet really small muscle size.

Most of the time skinny fat is used to describe people that look fat and not big. Meaning most of the weight is made of fat (stored energy) and not muscle. So they do not have visually strong physique.

Why do people get skinny fat

If you are eating a lot of high calorie meals and have really low activity levels, or simply slow metabolism, you are likely to gain fat. And if you have never worked out, or work out once a month for example, you are likely to have small muscles and yet a lot of body fat.

How to stop being skinny fat

First thing to do is to try to reduce your body weight. It can be done by several ways or combinations of that. You need to speed up your metabolism, start doing more activities, and lower your calorie intake.

Easiest way is to reduce your body fat by starting to exercise. This will increase your muscle size, and at the same time increase your activity level. Speeding up your metabolism and burning more calories will help you lose excess of fat and also build some muscle. This way you will look more toned , fit and at the same time will lose fat.



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