What is Glycogen and Why is it Important for the People that go to the Gym

We can share a scientific explanation of the compount and you could then do a quick research and still might not have any idea what exactly is it and why we are writing about it.

Starting from top, when we eat, the food starts to digest int he mouth with the help of saliva. It then goes to the stomach where it gets further digested by juices in the stomach. Then it continues to be digested in the intestines. Then the compounds are transferred through blood to the cells that need the compounds.
The main source of energy in the body is glucose, which is simply a carbohydrate that can be quickly used as energy.

So what is glycogen?

The glycogen is a multibranched polysaccharide of glucose. And it is found in muscles and liver and muscles (in people).
It is used for quick energy when we need our muscles. For example when we are working out.


Do we really need fast carbohydrated to get digested and turned into glycogen after each workout?

Why glycogen is important for the gym

When you workout you burn a lot of energy. The muscles use energy to perform the exercises. So they first start to use glycogen that is stored in them for quick energy source.

So if you have low glycogen levels stored in the muscles, you could have lower energy and lower performance at the gym

If you want to keep making progress, glycogen have to be in normal levels. So if you want that, you should simply eat foods rich in carbs few hours before a work out.

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