Triceps Extensions – How to perform the exercise

Triceps are the muscles, which are at the back portion of your arms. They start at the shoulders and their end is at the elbows. Whenever you straighten your arm, bend them or push or pull something, the triceps muscles are involved in the motion. It is important to strengthen them to
make your everyday life easier and to improve your circulation and flexibility. Moreover, due to their location strengthening the triceps leads to bigger strength and stability in your shoulders, back and chest.
If you want to make your arms bigger, do not forget that the triceps are 2/3 of the arms, so you should exercise them and one wonderful option for this is to do triceps extensions.

To build your triceps you should do exercise where you are performing pushing movements, whether horizontal or vertical ones. In addition, that is exactly what triceps extensions have to offer – they are a pushing movement that specifically isolate the triceps muscles.

Here we will describe how to properly perform this exercise and which are some common mistakes you would want to avoid. So if you are interested in getting bigger arms or simply increasing your strength, keep on reading.

How to perform it

Put your feet apart at a shoulder-width. Grab a dumbbell with both of your hands.
Now start lifting the dumbbell up. Proceed until you fully extend your arms (the elbows should be pointed forward while the palms should be facing upwards). That is your starting position.

Then start bending your elbows while you squeeze your triceps. Lower – slowly – the weight behind your head.

After you have reached the lowest point you are comfortably capable of achieving, start going back to starting position.

Mistakes to avoid

Do not flare your elbows. That can increase the risk of you injuring your shoulders for it puts them in a compromised position.
In addition, do not only use a partial range of motion. This will work on your triceps only partially and you will not get the most benefits of the exercise. Rather, lower the weight all the way down (as much as you comfortably can) behind your head.

Do not rely on momentum to bring the dumbbell back to starting position for this not only increases the risk of injury but also diminishes the effectivity of the exercise.

More advices

Your elbows should be as still as possible during the entire time. Moreover, they have to be perpendicular to the floor while the upper part of your arms should be close to the head and stationary with only the forearms moving. While you lower the dumbbell, breathe in. Breathe out
while you are lifting the dumbbell back. When your arms are extended fully, stop for a second in this position – that leads to even more
benefit for the triceps.

Move steadily and slowly, do not rush the exercise.

Also, do not use too heavy a dumbbell neither a too light one. Find the weight that is the most comfortable for you.
We hope that our article have been useful for you and, to conclude with, we’ll show you a video in which you can see how triceps extension exercise is performed:

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