Tips to Stay Motivated and Continue to Workout

Motivation is something that we hear and see everywhere on the web and is something that seems quite important.
Without proper motivation most of the time people just do not do the things they desire, or if they do them it is just not as good as it could be.

Motivation is important for the sports, since if you want to improve yourself you have to be active constantly and keep an eye on the food you eat too.
This requires a lot of time and focus to do it on a daily basis. And that’s where motivation comes into play, if you are not motivated it would be really hard to do the required actions to keep improving into your specific sports area. If you are motivated then you would keep doing more and more activities and will eat better and in general you would feel better about yourself and even more energized.

The motivation is connected with so many factors

Study suggests that motivation is connected with dopamine levels.¬†Dopamine is a compound that regulates many things, including pleasure,motivatio, reward and more. So basically if you want to keep getting motivated you have to figure out why you are doing the things and what kind of reward you will get. So for this example, you wish to get fitter for instance, then you should think about that when you don’t feel likt going to the gym or eating better. If you consider the reward then your motivation level might increase and thus making it easier for you to keep exercising.

Motivation is harder, especially nowadays with all the distractions. If you keep getting things on the mobile device then you might find it hard to motivate yourself to do anything useful with your time, instead of keep gettinge entertained at the cell phone’s screen.

Motivation is even harder because of few factors

You have to spend time to do the things that you are too lazy or just not in the mood to do right now.
You have to do them and will probably not see any result right now, and this is connected with the nowadays idea, that we are used to seeing results right now or we just won’t do it.
You start making excuses, such as, “I can do it later” or “It is really cold outside” or “I have other things to do, just don’t have the time”.

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated, to see the results you want and even better

1.Use social media

Okay, this is something quite commong, however we have to start with it. Using social media has so many pros and cons, but when we are talking about motivation is a great idea. Keeping an eye of celebrities and fitness models, gives us great desire and ideas how to improve are quality of life and eat better and stay more active.

PS:If you feel worse when watching people at social media, keep in mind that you need some time off, and also the content you see there is specifically designed for the people to see. Most of the people share content that is filtered and edited and applied many other trics to look at its best. So you have to get motivated, but if you feel bad about yourself and this just doesn’t work, then check out the other ways that we are going to share to help you stay motivated.

2.Join sports events

If you joint events, for instance events for running, you might not really feel motivated at first, because you will probably not finish first, but keep in mind that the rest of the people have probably been running for quite a long time to achieve great results. Another thing to cnsinder is not to try to be first, but just get the feeling of a good goal. Also getting to know new people that are exercising too. You might get a lot of great advices and ideas from them. Starting from what to wear to feel more comfortable, and what exercises to do to be faster and even some nice cooking recepies to make that food taste better.

3.Watch movies with training

There is this things called mirror neurons, they are parts of our brain that make us mirror the things we see. So for example if an animal sees another animal eating something they might get the feeling of the taste or even get hungry?!
Or with humans, we might react to seeing other people training.

4.Get to know people that love sports

When you are connecting with people that do this for pleasure and simply talking to them might keep you motivated. They can provide you a lot of information and advice  how to continue to work out and keep gettin better results.

5.Why did you started

One of the key components of motivation is the reward. So you should think about why did you start to work out. Was it to get fitter, to meet new people, to get more energized, to get stronger or whatever is your idea about working out. If you do not feel motivated you should think about the reward, why did you started at the first place.

6.Eat better

Eating better, could potentionaly motivated you. First because if you eat better, you will get better results, and if you see results you will be more motivated. Second, better eating usually means less bloating in the stomach, more energy, and general better feeling.

7.Listen to music

Music and motivation are connected too. So if you want to quickly change your mood and be more motivated to continue to work out for example. Pick any song that you feel inspired by and just listen for few minutes.

8.Watch work out videos

Watching work out videos is againconnected with the mirror neurons. Watching somebody work out could inspire us to work out too. So if you feel really lazy, you could motivated yourself to do your exercises by firtly watching somebody else exercise at youtube.

9.Set achievable goals

Setting achievable goals is crucial to your motivation. First if you chose too big of a goal for too short amount of time, you will probably not achieve it and even if you have great results you might easily get discouraged and quit training.
Second if you achieve your goal , you will continue to work out and keep improving yourself.


Think about what makes you unmotivated, and try to figure out why. For instance, if you hate the taste of non salted foods or simply salads every day, you should think about how to make them more tasty and not just simply stop eating them.
If you don’t feel like xercising your legs, then figure out why, is it the specific exercises, is it because you don’t have the time, or because maybe you do not like muscle soreness?


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