Should You Upload Progress Pictures in Social Medial Websites?

This is something so common nwoadays. People want to share their progress at the gym, so they take off their shurt and stand infront of the mirror and try to find the best lighting and angle to take a good progress shot , to show their friends and acquientances that they are making progress in the gym.

They are fitter and more muscular, or lost a lot ot bodyweight. This all seem so nice, but is it?
COmparing yourself with other people like is the case in social media, and relying on the people of other people doesn’t sound that great.

If you contionuously upload pictures and expect to see changes from your body, you quickly might get disappointed. THe fastest period when you see progress is when yous tart to workout, then you see so fast results, but you expect to continue like that, and this is simply not the case. When people progress it becomes harder to achieve better results.

Comparing yourself with your body with the body of other people also is not a great idea. Here is why: If you compare yourself with others you will never be satisified, there will always be someone that might be wider, or fitter or better looking body composition and etc.

You might have heard this before, but try to compare yourself with yourself from few days/weeks/months ago, not with other people.

How is this connected with social media?
Well as soon as you start uploading pictures, then you and your friends might compare yourself with some people that are famous fit and etc. But then you have to keep up with that expectation. And also those famous people have great pictures all the time, and you will have to always be at that great angle and lighting to keep looking at that best form that you posted. However when you see yourself in the daylight and with no pump after the workout you might feel like you look aweful, but that is simply because you compare yourself with that perfect picture.

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