Should you listen to professional bodybuilders for advice?

Where do you get information to continue to progress in the gym? Internet, magazines, friends, professional athlete, bodybuilders ?
When you are taking advice from somewhere or somebody, try to be critical, and think about whether is a good idea. Do they have the same goal and starting positiona s you?
Do you want to be a professional or simply want to build some size and lose some body fat?

Should you listen to professionals?

Well they are professionals, and have been doing this for long time.But does that mean that their advice is great for your? It really depends.
First of all professionals have been doing this, but they do it competitively, so this means that they are so focused and might be doing things that you don’t want to. FOr instance working out twice a day, eating 8 times a day, consuming huge amount of food, taking 5 types of supplements, getting up 5 in the morning to do cardio work outs and many more.

Also another thing is their advice is strongly connected with their goals and road that they have been walking on.


WHere should you get advice then/

Usually the best place is to talk to dietitian and a perosnal trainer.

They are educated and have the experience to help people to achive results in the gym. Unlike the professional bodybuilders they are educated in helping new stars with advice how to achieve better results.

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