Should you listen to people at the gym for advice?

Many people in the gym love to give advice. But should we listen to them? Are they really right
and how can we tell if they are? Well, we will answer those questions in this article.
While there are definitely some people who do know how to train properly and who would give
you a good advice, there is a whole lot of others who don’t know what are they talking about. So
you should be careful. It’s best to take advice only from professional trainers or people who you
know have some knowledge on the subject. But we’ll quickly revisit which pieces of advice you
should disregard from people in the gym – and if they do tell you those things, it’s safe to assume
that you’d better not listen to them for anything.
“Push through the pain”
Pain may be a symptom of injury. Or it may indicate that your muscles are under too much
tension. Both of those are bad things. So, yeah, don’t listen to this. If you are hurting during an
exercise, stop doing it right away.
“Go hard or go home”
It’s not necessary to overwork yourself to the point where the only way to get home is on all
fours. And that’s definitely not effective. You can improve your health, lose weight, gain
strength and build muscle without crushing your body.
“You should work out every day”
No, that’s not necessary. Not only that most people don’t like working out every day but also
there is the fact that your body needs rest to recover itself and gain the benefits of the training
“Don’t eat before you work out”
When you are training, your body is burning energy. But this energy has to come from
somewhere. And if you don’t eat enough (or if you don’t consume proper food), then the body
will start to use the protein from your muscles to gain energy. Aaand, as you can see, this is
definitely not a good think.
“Don’t eat after you work out”
That’s….ridiculous. Your body needs food. And if you feel the need to have something to eat, do
so (without going overboard, of course). After you’ve worked out, your body will have had lost
quite a lot of its energy and will need to refuel itself. And exactly food is what ‘refuels’ the body.
So, go ahead, eat some carbs and don’t worry about what others think.


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