Should you eat 5 times a day to gain muscle

Nutrition is main component of muscle building. The main idea behind gaining muscle size is to train your muscles, in order to increase protein synthesis and break down muscle tissue during the working out time. Then you consume nutritious foods and get rest and some sleep in order to give your muscles time to recover and improve their size.

Recent years, there have been many topics and all over the internet bodybuilders give example or their full day of eating, which mostly consistent of some type of vegetables and meat and they usually eat 5 or even more times a day.

So do you have to eat 5 times a day to gain muscle?

It is hard to give just a single answer without considering other factors. Main purpose behind eating many time a day is to eat less food per meal and not overconsume, and also that bodybuilders need to consume a lot more protein and calories to improve their already quite big muscles.

Eating frequency really depends on your daily requirements and the type of foods you eat. For example, if you are 180lbs and you have to consume 150 g of protein and about 2700 kcal you don’t really need to eat that food in 5-6 meals, you can eat them just 3 or 4 times a day with about 3-4 hours to relax and digest the food.

If however you have pretty big requirements for protein and calories, for instance you have to eat a lot of food (and foods that generally keep you fed for longer time – like complex carbs) you might want to eat more times day. This way you will eat regular size meals but more often than other people.

Is there any benefit to eating more often?

The main benefits are not having to over eat and feel heavy in the stomach and also sometimes eating a lot of food is not something you can do every day. Sometimes you simple are not hungry and others you don’t have time to eat for 20 minutes.

Meal frequency is mostly dependent on the amount of foods that you have to consume and how you feel.


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