Should women train with light weights only

Heavy lifting is a challenge but recent study reveals that using light weights can be just as effective at muscle building. Lifting a lighter weight more times does the same job of building muscle as lifting heavy weights, according to researchers at McMaster University.

What the study showed?

The study found out that the lighter weights and the quite heavy ones were equally effective for promoting strength and inducing growth of the muscles.

One of the lead authors of the study, Cam Mitchell, says that many people (especially older adults) suffer from problems with their joints which don’t allow them to train with a heavy load. But they still can train with lighter loads and get the full benefits from their work-out.

But should women train only with light weights?

There has long been a myth that women should lift only weights up to 3 pounds. Because of this myth many women have been avoiding the resistance training due to being afraid of getting too muscular. But in reality it’s possible for women to lift huge amounts of weight without increasing their lean muscle mass at the same rate as it happens with men.

The female’s body produces less testosterone than the male’s body. Strength training may lead to more somatotropin (growth hormone) production in the female’s body but growth hormone also aids in metabolizing fat and is also considered to be important for reducing the biological aging process effects.

Will heavy weights make you big and bulky if you are a woman?

If you train with heavy weights 5-6 days a week and eat a lot, you will increase your lean muscle mass quite a lot. But simply doing strength training once a weak or lifting some heavy dumbbells won’t make you big and bulky.

Should older women lift weights

After the menopause many women are afraid to do strength training because they fear they can injure themselves. Well, some studies have shown that for post-menopausal women strength training can preserve the bone density and improve the balance, muscle mass and strength.

But if you would like to train with light weights

Just pump up the consistency and the volume. Lighter load is still able to produce lean muscle mass and induce muscle growth, you simply need to train regularly and perform more reps and sets than you would with a heavier weight.


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