Quick Guide to Start Working Out

If you want to start working out, but you have almost no idea where to start, what to eat, what to train, or anything in general, this might be great resource for you. Take few minutes to check it out.

To start working out you need to have motivation, at first, which turns into discipline, since motivation is not there every time you want it.
And if you want good or great results you have to be consistant with the training rules and eating better.


So first start with a good goal. Now good might sound like something that you want. But remember the body doesn’t change that fast, so you have to be patient and have reasonable expectations. Let’s say you want to be more fit, sure that can be achieved with dedication, however if you want to look really muscular in just few months, then you might want to reconsider your timeframe. Muscule development takes years of dedication to achieve great results.

Setting achievable goal is key factor, otherwise you might easily get discouraged and stop training.

If you are already motivated and with the midnsed that training and achieving great results takes time and dedication then you could continue with the next step.

Learn about food

You don’t need to know too much about food, but just few key principles that are quite important.
Foods contain macro and micro  nutrients. The macro nutrients are fats, proteins and carbs. They are the key components that our body uses.

Fats are found in foods such as
Pork,Peanuts,Cashew,Coconuts,Eggs,Sunflower seeds and other foods.
Protens are found in many different foods too: chicken,pork,eggs,beans,lentils,nuts, and even many vegetables and fruits but are just in quite small amounts.
Carbs are found in most plant foods and in some animal sourced foods. Examples: bananas, rice, pasta, bread, oats, potatoes and more.

Now that you know about the macro nutrients, there are calories. Calories are important because your body’s energy is run witht hem. Every food that you eat is digested and brings specific amount of calories. The main idea behind calories is if you want to lose weight you need to eat a bit less calories than your body utilizes or if you want to gain size, then you need to eat a bit more calories than your body uses. To find out how much calories you roughly need you can use calorie calculators, which are available with quick google search.

How to get started with exercises

Now that you have some sort of idea of your goals, and basic understanding about food, you could start to train.
If you have never worked out before, you should consider taking few weeks to train with professional perosnal trainer. They could show you many exercises and give you a training routine designed for you and your goals. This will help you achieve better and faster results.
If you don’t want to train with persional trainer, you can research and maybe check out youtube videos with training routines. But remember that they are set for the people that work out in the video, so you might want to change exercises or even the sets.



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