Pull-up – How to perform it

Pull ups are exercise for the strength of the upper body which includes many muscles. In it one grips a bar above their head and pulls up – we’ll discuss the process further below. This exercise works on the lats, rhomboids, rear deltoid, trapezius and biceps so it is a wonderful choice for every person who wants to build their strength. Moreover, of course, you need to know how to do proper pull ups in order to get the full benefit out of them.

How to perform it

You should starting by grabbing the bar. Your hands should be placed at the width of your shoulders. The palms should be faced away from you. Remember, the arms have to be extended fully. If your feet are reaching the ground you can bend them at the knees.

Keep the shoulders back and start pulling up slowly until your chin reaches a height above the bar. Then slowly lower yourself down until you reach starting position with your arms extended.

Mistakes to avoid

One common mistake is using momentum (aka kipping motion) to perform your pull-ups. Yes, kipping pull-ups exist but you can do them only after you are experienced in the regular ones.

You should slowly, steadily and evenly pull yourself up and lower yourself back down.
Another thing you should avoid is not going high enough.
You should get your chin above the bar at any rep. If you do not get high enough you aren’t doing full pull ups and you aren’t getting the full benefits of the exercise for you are not utilizing the full range of motion. Thus, doing this mistake will lead to less effective training of your muscles.

Yet another mistake is not going low enough in the lowering part of the exercise. At the bottom position your arms should be fully extended (a position known as ‘dead hang’). Some people do not go down enough but instead reach only a height at which their elbows are still bent. This way you are not using the full range of motion that the exercise provides and you are not getting the most of it.

A common mistake is also gripping too wide. Do not do that; instead, your hands should be at a shoulder width. That way you are getting the biggest possible range of motion for the pull up and you are not placing too much strain on your shoulders and elbows.

More advices

Remember, while doing pull ups it is important to keep your back flat in order to keep your spine neutral and to avoid painful aches. Also, keep your shoulders back, do not let them roll forward or you risk a potential injury due to putting more stress on the shoulders.

To do pull ups properly you’ll need a certain level of core strength so if you are not ready to do full pull ups, start by doing assisted ones (with a specific machine) or do similar exercises until you gain enough strength.

Moreover, to finish off we will show you a video of how pull ups are done:

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