List of Low Calorie Foods to Help Keep you Fed for Longer

You are on a diet and you’re restricting the number of calories? Well, then you might’ve had experienced sudden hunger in the middle of the afternoon and you’ve probably sometimes cheated on your diet to satisfy this hunger. But you don’t have to do this anymore. We have another option for you – low calorie foods to help keep you fed for longer.


They are an awesome addition to every healthy diet for weight loss. They contain a small number of calories but at the same time are high in protein and have some amount of fiber – this helps you feel full for longer.
40-grams of fry oats have 148 calories and 5.5 grams of protein together with 3.8 g of fiber.
This can impact your hunger and appetite positively.


Many people think that soups are a side dish. But they can actually satisfy your hunger quite well. A study with 12 people showed that smooth soup led to slower emptying of the stomach and can be effective at promoting satiety, even more than chunky soup or a solid meal.
Another study with 60 people showed that eating soup before a meal decreases the overall calorie consumption at lunch. But remember that not every soup is low in calories, only some are.


Lentils is full with fiber. And fiber, has been shown that keep people fed up for longer. So if you love lentils, or generally don’t eat it too often, you might consider adding some to your daily plan. Lentils can be cooked in so many ways, with different spices, vegetables, with added salt pepper and many more ideas. Just do a quick google search on lentils recepies and you will find a lot of them.
Also lentils expands its size and weight after cooked, so don’t be discouraged that it has around 350 calories per 100gr dry lentils (depending on the type of lentils). When cooked it has almost twice less than that amount.


Fish contains lots of proteins and is rich in heart-healthy fats. For instance, 85 grams of cod have less than 70 calories with more than 15 g of protein. Some researchers say that increased amount of protein intake may reduce the appetite and the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin. Also, the fish proteins are beneficial for reducing hunger and appetite.


Potatoes are thought to be unhealthy due to being associated with the harmful high-fat chips and French fries. But potatoes can actually be a nutritious, healthy and filling part of your diet. A medium baked potato (with its skin) has 161 calories but also contains 4 g of protein
and 4 g of fiber. Boiled potatoes were ranked highest in terms of being the most filling by a study which evaluated the effect of certain foods on the feeling of satiety.

Lean meat

Lean meat can reduce the appetite and the hunger and many types of lean meat are with a low calorie-content. For instance, 112 g of cooked chicken beast have 185 calories with 35 g ofn protein.

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