Light weight shoulder exercises

You cannot train with heavy weight due to an injury or disease? Well, there are still ways to exercise your shoulders with light weights. Let’s check some exercises for that.

Lateral raise

You can do this with your own body weight or with light dumbbells of no more than 5 pounds. Keep the knees with a slight bend. The shoulders should be kept back while the chest should be high. Lift your hands parallel to the floor with a smooth and well-controlled motion. The palms should be faced towards the ground.

Thumbs up

After you do about 10 normal lateral raises, do 10 with the thumbs pointed up, touching the hips with the palms faced away from you. Raise the arms to a height no more than shoulder level.

Thumbs down

Do the same things but when you are lifting the arms upward, keep the thumbs down.

Front raise

Lift your arms straight – with or without dumbbells – from the waist to shoulder weight while keeping the thumbs faced upwards.

Cross overs

The palms should be faced away from you. The arms should be in a relaxed state in front of the hips. Start bringing the arms up and over the head. Cross the arms in front of the head.
Then bring them back to the hips.

Military press

Put one foot ahead of your other foot. Keep the knees slightly bend. Exhale while pushing the weights over the head. Slowly lower your hands to the height of the shoulders. Repeat.

Final words

In the beginning it’s recommended that you start only with body weight – aka without using any weights.
Those exercises have the potential to strengthen your shoulder muscles and help you prevent injuries to the shoulders in the future.
Try doing each of the exercises for 10 reps.

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