Lat Pulldowns – How to perform the exercise

The lat pull down machine is a gyp apparatus, which allows you to train your upper body muscles. The exercise lat pull down itself consists of lowering down a weighted bar and it trains the lats, the trapezius, the serratus anterior and the rhomboids. It is really beneficial for the health
of the shoulders and can also help you build mass.

How to perform it

Sit down on the machine. Adjust the kneepad so it fits your height – they do not allow your body to be raised by the resistance of the bar.
Then, with your palms faced forward, grab the bar – if you want your grip to be a close one, place your hands at a smaller that shoulder-width distance; if you want a medium grip, place your hands at a shoulder-width distance; and to achieve a wide grip, place your hands at a wider
than shoulder-width distance.

While holding the bar bring back your torso at about 30 degrees slightly curving your lower back. At the same time you should stick out your chest. That is the starting position.

Breathe out and bring down the bar drawing down and back your upper arms and shoulders until the bar is touching the upper part of your chest. The only thing that should move are your arms – your upper torso should be stationary. Do not pull the bar with the forearms – they should be
only holding the bar.

Stay in contracted position for your second and then start raising the bar back slowly until you are at a starting position with your arms fully extended and lats fully stretched. Inhale while bringing the bar back.

Mistakes to avoid

A common mistake some gym members make is to pull the bar behind their neck. You should absolutely avoid this for it shortens the range of motion and diminishes the effectivity of the exercise. It is also really bad for your shoulder joints for they haven’t been made for such movements.

On the other hand, some go too wide which is also a mistake because it shortens the motion range and can irritate the shoulder joints.

Another mistake is to pull do bar down to your waist. This motion engages the arm muscles not the lats. Because of this the exercise gets ineffective and also puts more pressure on the muscles of your shoulders. Only move the bar down to the top portion of the chest.

Moreover, do not use the body momentum for this changes the angle of the pulling and turns this exercise into one for the middle back not for the lats.

More advices

Your elbows should be pointed straight down – do not allow them to point backwards – and keep your chest out. While pulling the bar down squeeze your lats.

Use a wide grip but not too wider one.
While you pull down do not lean back – if you need to lean back that means you are going too heavy.

Try to use, when possible, the ‘V-grip’ handle.

For final we will show you a video in which you can see how to do lat pull downs:

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