Is swimming good workout

Lots of people think that swimming is one of the best exercises. Is that really so? Well, this question is what we aim to answer in our article. Let’s begin.

It works on the entire body

Swimming requires all of your muscles to be put in work. So, yes, it works on your arms, back and legs. So you don’t need to exercise individually each of the muscle groups – no, you can do this all at the same time.

It burns calories

If you swim with a moderate intensity for about an hour you can burn about 500 calories. And swimming also boosts up your metabolism which means it will work well even after you stop swimming.

It doesn’t put pressure on the joints

If you have an injury or some kind of medical condition but you want to build strength and fitness, then swimming is a wonderful way to achieve your goals without putting stress on your joints.

It’s a wonderful cardio exercise

Swimming, as an aerobic activity, requires a perfect breath control and increases the demand for oxygen. This, in turn, leads to your muscles working harder. So you can achieve more in a shorter time.

What else?

Swimming offers a full body work-out – it works on the core, on your arms, legs, glutes and back. It makes you more flexible and, being an aerobic exercise, it is good for your cardiovascular system.
Also, the water offers resistance which is approximately 12 times bigger than the air resistance.
Because of this swimming also builds your strength.
And, as we already mentioned, it’s good on the joints because it doesn’t put pressure on them.
Swimming is a good exercise for beginners, as well, even if you aren’t able to swim for a long period of time. You can start with small sessions and build your strength and resilience until you are able to swim longer.
You can swim both indoors and outdoors and even in your home if you have a pool. It’s recommended to have someone with you while you are swimming.

Still, we should mention that there are two things you cannot achieve simply by swimming. Those are strengthening your bones and building muscles. In order to build muscle mass you need to lift weights.
So, in general, swimming works on all body muscles and builds strength, flexibility, resilience and boosts your health. It’s good for nearly everything except building muscle mass and strengthening the bones.


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