Is motivation or discipline the key to help you progress at the gym

What motivates people? For some it may be money, for others material objects or adorations.
We all have seen motivational quotes, images and videos. But how can motivation be translated into the real life? Well, probably less successful than discipline. Let’s take a look at that.

The problem with motivation

What’s problematic about motivation is that it’s fleeting and unreliable. When the weather is good and the atmosphere around you looks awesome, you get the motivation to go, for example, for a run. But on the tenth minute when your legs are aching and your lungs are burning, you start considering quitting the run and going home to forget about running for several weeks. And just like this you’ve lost all of your motivation and if you’ve relied
simply on this, it’ll get you nowhere.

But if you have the discipline to keep going and, for example, to go back on the running track once a week, and combine this with the motivation you’ve had for the run, they you can achieve something much more bigger. Discipline is the key factor if you want to achieve success and reap the rewards from your efforts be they physique development of business.
Motivation can always help along the way but accounts for much less than discipline.

Discipline is a skill

Discipline isn’t some innate characteristic but a learned skill. If you want to perform at your optimal level, you’ll need some routine and cultivation of discipline in the everyday life.

Identify what your weaknesses are and try to develop a plan of how to overcome them. Yes,the process will take some trial and error but try experimenting and at the end you’ll develop a routine which suits you best.

Make discipline your priority and you’ll see how things will change. You’ll find it much more appealing to get out of bed and start the day from the first second your alarm goes off. But try to keep your routine enjoyable and productive. If you have the chance, focus on yourself entirely during the first part of the day whether it will be just breathing work,reading your favorite book or something else.
Try to keep your discipline through the obstacles. Sooner or later some obstacles will try to derail you from the routine you’ve set.

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