Is jumping rope good exercise

Most people have jumped on a jumping rope at least one during their life, mostly during their childhood. But this exercise is not only for kids. Quite contrary, it can be really beneficial for adults, although it’s harder for them. The exercise improves the fitness of your body while burning up calories. It has plenty of health benefits and we’ll discuss some of them here:

Burns calories
One of the biggest reasons why people do cardio exercises (the jumping rope is one of them) is in order to have a leaner body and to lose some body fat and calories. Even if you jump at a moderate speed you can burn about 10-16 calories every minute. You can easily lose weight or maintain the achieved weight by eating a healthy diet and implementing the exercise in your schedule.

Jumping rope is a versatile exercise
The only equipment you need is the jumping rope and you can perform the exercise at any place where you can jump. Those with poorer condition can work out at a slower speed and will still see wonderful results. If you have a better body fitness you can make yourself a harder training session by jumping at a higher speed.

Strengthens the bones
Since it places stress on your bones it helps to strengthen them. This load which the jumping puts on the bones makes them adapt and become denser and stronger which allows you to reduce the risk of some bone diseases, including osteoporosis.

Builds up the endurance of your muscles
The exercise consists of jumping up-down and turning the rope. These activities help to build the muscular endurance. But, if you are new to exercising, you may ask what is muscular endurance. This is the ability of the muscles to exert force against a resistance again and again. This lets you perform the daily task more easily, allows you to have better sports performance and lowers down the risk of injuring your muscles.

Improves the health of the heart
When you are jumping on the rope your lungs and heart work harder than when you are at a resting state. Such exercises challenge the cardiovascular system. Thus, the system adapts and becomes stronger.

Improves your balance
The exercise makes your body makes neural muscular adjustments which improves your balance and coordination. This is due to your brain focusing (sometimes even unconsciously) on your feet for longer periods of time.

It can improve the cognitive function
When you do the rope jump your brain has to learn new motor patterns. This leads to an improvement of the communication between your brain and muscles. The exercise has physical and mental aspects which improves the cognitive function. Especially good for the brain are those exercises which involve strategy, coordination and rhythm.

Reduces the chance of injuries of the lower part of the legs
The exercise strengthens your calf muscles and, at the same time, improves the elasticity of the fascia and tendons that surround the calf muscles. This lowers the risk of injuring the lower part of your legs while training.

A few things to remember
When you are jumping you should wear supportive shoes or do the exercise on a soft surface.

During the “landing” part you should touch the ground with the balls of the feet while keeping the knees bent. That way you reduce the stress you put on the ankles and knees.

If you have any joint issues you’d better stay away from jumping rope because this may lead to greater pain and inflammation.

Also, if you have to lose a lot of weight, then you’d better start with other exercises and go to jumping rope after you’ve lost some weight otherwise you put too much stress on your body.


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