Is dancing a good work out

You can see lots of people giving all of themselves on the dance floor. Many do enjoy dancing and find it to be a pleasurable activity which lets you blow off the steam. But what they may not know is that dancing can actually make a nice workout. Are you also surprised? Then continue
reading below to see more details. Dancing is wonderful for the cardiovascular system. It also boosts your strength. This activity helps you improve your balance and coordination, as well. It’s been estimated that a 30-minute dance class can burn approximately 130-250 calories – pretty much the same amount as jogging can burn.

Dancing improves your flexibility

When you dance, your muscles start to become more flexible. This activity stretches your body in various ways – some of which you’ve never tried previously. This is awesome because your body being more flexible benefits your physical health by reducing the changes of injury and
reducing the time necessary for your muscles to recover the damaged muscle fibers after you exercise.

It fits both in the aerobic and anaerobic categories

Dancing provides you with aerobic and anaerobic movements. This leads to your body getting much more benefits than if you only use one type of movements – for example, performing only aerobic or anaerobic exercises.

What does dancing targets?

That activity can engage your core depending on what type of dance you choose. It also works on the legs – including the hamstrings and the quadriceps. But dancing can be beneficial for your arm muscles, as well – after all, you are using your arms while dancing. Ballet and hip hop
dancing also work on the glutes. And the muscles on your back are also targeted when you dance.

What else?

Well, as we already said, dancing improves your flexibility which is very important for your overall physical condition. But it also works on your strength even though you aren’t lifting weights – after all, your muscles support the entire weight of your body during the various
moves which helps you build muscle strength.
There are various styles of dancing which means that you can choose whether you’ll use dancing as a high-impact or a low-impact workout.
And you don’t even have to go to the gym – you can dance at your home completely for free. Or, if you want to dance together with other people, you are free to join a dancing class. And it’s almost impossible to get bored while dancing thanks to the unlimited number of different dance moves you can choose from.


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