Is crossfit good gym training

May have hear about crossfit training. But if it a good option? What are its benefits and its drawbacks? This is what we’ll discuss today.
To start with, crossfit is simply an exercise program of high intensity. Its focus in on performing various aerobic and strength exercises. They are usually combined into the so called “WODs” (or Workouts of the day). Their duration typically is about 5-15 minutes.

Most of them usually require that you do several exercises one after another without resting in between for a number of “rounds” which is set beforehand. Also, the goal is to do the exercises as quickly as possible.

The benefits

Usually with regular training sessions you just go to the gym, do some randomly picked exercises and perform them until you get tired. This indeed is better than not exercising at all but it’s not what qualifies as “training” – the proper training is logically structured and has orderly progression.

But when you do crossfit you are told exactly what to do, how to and when to stop exercising.
And if you have a good instructor, they will choose the exercises in such a manner that you’ll be training every main muscle group.
Also, it focuses on barbell training which increases the whole-body strength because it involves multiple muscle groups and joints.

Even more, when you are working-out by yourself, you’ll probably stop as soon as you feel uncomfortable. But crossfit pushes you to go harder, heavier, faster or longer.

And it also encourages you to really take fitness as a serious matter. You’ll put more time into training than the average people, you’re going to eat better and you’ll also have less unhealthy habits.

The drawbacks

Crossfit training isn’t the best way to get fit. There are more efficient methods. The general idea of being fit it to be in good health due to regular physical exercises. So, by using this definition, fitness level can be measured in several ways: by testing the muscular strength, the cardiovascular condition, the body composition, the flexibility. But with crossfit being fit is defined as “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains”. Still, the first definition is much more proper and, due to this, you can gain wonderful results even with other methods and be fitter than people who do crossfit.

Also, it’s been shown that crossfit can actually impair the ability of muscles to adapt to endurance and resistance training if both are done at the same time. Thus, this fitness method may be suboptimal for maximizing your strength and muscle gain and aerobic fitness.
Furthermore, the crossfit workout may be of high-intensity but they are of short duration and it’s been shown that they burn the same amount of calories as 30-40 minutes of walking.

Plus, with crossfit you can easily push yourself to the limit and overtrain. And overtraining may result in health problems like general fatigue, restlessness, depression, loss of appetite and others. And crossfit is of high-intensity which means you can easily get yourself hurt or
too exhausted.


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