6 Quick Ideas to Lose Weight with just Small Changes

You’ve decided to lose weight but you are quite busy and don’t have time for vigorous exercising? You’ve realized that the strict diets are bad and you don’t want to waste your time with them? Well, we have some ideas which can help you in the process of losing weight.

Don’t be scared of fat

Yes, there are unhealthy fats which will make you gain weight and are bad for your health.
But those are the saturated and the trans fats. Your body actually needs fats (which are a type of macronutrient) in order to function. So don’t deplete it of them. Rather, replace the unhealthy fats with healthy ones – omega-3s, poly- and monounsaturated ones.
They are not only important for your body but will also help you lose weight.

Portion size

You probably don’t know what is the recommended portion size for the particular foods you eat. But those are important. Don’t eat straight from the bag or the box. Rather, measure the portion size beforehand and stick to the defined portion. And don’t forget that it’s not necessary to eat every bite of the food on your plate.

Boost the intake of protein

This is especially important if you are constantly on a diet. In this case you may be not getting enough protein. Add some of this important macronutrient by having a palm-sized portion of fish, chicken or legumes. Consume yogurt, nut butter, eggs or cheese.

Stay hydrated

Our bodies can confuse thirst with hunger. If you aren’t drinking enough water, there is a chance you’ll feel hungry more often and you’ll indulge in an unhealthy snacking.

  • Start preparing your own food rather than ordering something from the restaurant.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Stop, or at least reduce, the consumption of alcohol.
  • Cut back on the foods which have added sugar.

Stop falling for the fad diets.

Rather, start eating healthy by excluding the unhealthy foods from your diet and add more fruits and vegetables (and foods that have fiber). If you want to reduce your calorie consumption to lose weight, do so by reducing no more than 500 calories from the amount you need a day.

  • Add mini strength training.
  • Walk more.

Take a pedometer.

Studies have shown that having a pedometer and using it boosts the physical activity and,thus, aids in the weight loss process.

Get enough sleep.

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