How to warm up properly before exercise

You may be wondering how to properly warm up before you start doing your exercises. Well, we are here to help you with that. But first we’ll quickly explain why warming up is necessary before you do your training sessions.

To start with, warming up means that the temperature of your muscles increases. And when they get warmer, they can contract with more force but they can also relax more quickly.
Thus, this reduces the risk of overstretching and injuring yourself. The increase in the overall body temperature improves the elasticity of your muscles which leads to enhanced strength and speed.
The temperature of the blood also rises and this leads to oxygen being more readily available to your working muscles, improving your endurance. And since the blood vessels dilate when you warm up, the flow of the blood will be increased and your heart will be put under less stress.
Your range of motion will also increase which will allow you to get the most movement
potential of your large joints – like the knees and shoulders.
There are also some hormonal changes. Epinephrine and cortisol production is increased and those are the hormones which regulate the production of energy. Thus, the nutrients will be more easily available energy sources for your muscles.
And last, but not least, you can prepare yourself mentally for the workout, you will clear your mind and increase your focus. You can also develop your workout strategy during the warm up.


Don’t overdo it. You don’t need to do half an hour warm up before your session. The recommendation are to do 5-10 minutes low to moderate activity prior to starting your workout.
Avoid doing static stretches – those are the ones in which you stay in one position. If you try to warm up a cold muscle by doing static stretches, then you risk injuring yourself. Instead try to do activities where you constantly move through some range of motion. For example, making circles with your, touching your toes and then lifting your hands up, etc.

Leg cradle to side lunge

Stand on the left leg. Lift the right leg off by opening its knee to the right. Grab the right knee with the same side hand. Then place your left hand on the right shoe. Start lifting the right leg towards the chest and keep it in parallel with the ground. Then release your right leg and step
it to the right, lower yourself into a side lunge on the same leg and return to standing tall. Do five reps for each side – alternate your leg on each repetition.

Quad pull with tilt

Start in straight up position. Grab your right foot behind yourself with your same side hand.
Now you should be only standing on your left foot. Start slowly leaning forward and simultaneously pull your right knee upwards in the air. Hold the position for about five seconds. Release the leg and return to the starting position. Do five reps on each foot. Alternate sides on each repetition.

Knee bends

Stand straight with your feet being separated at a shoulder width. Stretch out your hands.
Start lowering for about 10 centimeters by bending in the knees. Stand up and repeat for 10 reps.

Shoulder rolls

To do this exercise, start marching in one place. Roll the shoulders forward and backwards, each five times. The arms should be hanging loose by the sides of your body.

Knee lifts

Stand tall and begin bringing up alternate knees aiming to touch the opposite hands. The abs should be kept tight. Your back should be straight during the whole time. The supporting leg should be slightly bended.

Arm circles

Stand straight, keeping the feet apart at a shoulder width. Start swinging your arms slowly in a circular manner. Continue for 8-10 reps and switch the direction.


Stand straight, keeping the feet apart at a shoulder width. Slightly turn out the toes. Keep your hands at the chest. Start bending at the knees and hips until your butt is down to knee height. Drive through the heels to return to starting position. Repeat for 15 reps.


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