How to train your traps at home

The traps are really important muscles which you should exercise if you wat a perfectly fit body.
But you may not have the time to go to the gym and you may be asking whether you can train
the traps at home. Well, you absolutely can and we’ll show you how.

Arms circles
This is an exercise for the traps, shoulders and forearms. Stand up straight and place your arms at
shoulder level to your sides, almost parallel to the floor – that’s the starting position. Start slowly
rotating your arms circularly for approximately 20 seconds. Then switch the rotation to an
opposite position. When you get used to the exercise, increase the time of rotation.
That’s a body-weight exercise for the traps and the lower back. Lie face down and extend the
arms to the front side while keeping your back straight. Start raising your legs, chest and arms at
the same time upwards as much as possible. Hold for a second, contract your lower back and
start slowly lowering the arms, chest and legs back. Repeat for around 12 reps for 2 sets.
Shoulder Shrugs
Stand up straight. Keep your knees slightly bent. Your arms should be at your sides. Inhale and
lift your shoulders up trying to touch them to your ears and while you are lifting them roll them
back. When you’ve reached as high a position as possible roll the shoulders backwards to get to
the original position. Repeat for about 8-10 times. Then do the same in the opposite direction.
Lie down on the chest with the legs extended and your arms at your sides. Place the hands in
front of you on the ground at shoulder level. Push up onto the hands. Bend your elbows until the
upper part of your body nearly touches the ground. Push up until you fully extend your arms.
Repeat until you feel tired.


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