How to train your buttox at home


Those exercises target specifically your buttox. They are also called hip lifts. To do them you should lie on the back and bent your knees. Your feet should be firmly placed on the floor. Press the hips upward while squeezing your butt. Afterwards you should lower your hips back down.
Or you can lie down on your back and bent your left knee while your right knee is straight. Then start lifting the right leg until it’s on one line with the left thigh. Push the hips up and continue keeping the right leg elevated. Then lower yourself back down. Perform the same with the other leg.

Hip drive

Sit on the knees while keeping your legs together – your but should be on the heels. Start lifting your butt and raise your body to a kneeling position (remember to engage your glutes in the movement). Then lower yourself back to a starting position.

Hip thrust

Lie down on your back. Keep your knees bent while the feet are apart at a hip-width. Put your hands on the ground under the shoulders (and your fingers should be faced away from the body).
Squeeze the glutes and start lifting the hips to a table-top position. Hold until you count to five.
Then start lowering yourself back down.


The squats are really famous exercise which targets the whole lower part of the body. They are also really easy to do. Stand up and put your feet at a hip-width apart. Then start lowering your upper body down in a straight line until the upper part of your legs is at a 90-degree angle to the lower part of your legs. Then start lifting yourself back up. Remember not to put the weight on the toes but on the heels.


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