How to train your back at home

Want to train your back but you cannot go to the gym? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We
compiled several exercises for your back which you can do at home.

Lie face down and start slowly lifting your legs and arms at the same time as much as possible
and hold as long as you are comfortable. Then start slowly lowering them down. Repeat.
Kneeling Extension
Get down on all fours. Lift the right leg and the left arm up to a shoulder level. Hold for a few
seconds and look straight ahead during this time. Bring your arm and leg down. Now lift the left
leg and the right arm. Repeat.
Wall slides
Stand with your back being placed against a wall. Keep your feet at a shoulder distance apart.
Your heels should be at about a stride length away from the wall. Slide down until your knees
reach a 90-degree angle and hold for five seconds. Slowly start sliding back up until you’re
straight. Repeat.
Hip hinges
Stand up straight. Your feet should be separated slightly more than shoulder-width. Put the hands
on the hips. Your shoulders should be slightly back. Start bending at the waist in forwards
direction while keeping the shoulders in line with the hips. Continue bending until you’re
parallel to the ground. Start slowly going back up. The movement should be slow. The first time
you try this exercise you should do one set only to make sure that the exercise is okay with your
back. If everything is okay, you can increase for about 10-15 reps for up to 3 sets. Rest for 30-60
seconds between the sets.
The cobra yoga position
Lie on the floor with your face down. Stretch the legs straight behind the back while keeping the
tops of the feet lying on the flood. Bring the arms into the body. Keep your elbows bent. The
hands should be under the shoulders. Contract your back muscles to start lifting your body
upward, assisting with your hands to keep the positioning proper. Press the legs, thighs and feet
against the ground. While you move upwards, remember to inhale. Hold for about 15-30 seconds
while breathing normally. Slowly start lowering yourself back down while exhaling. Repeat for
about 10 reps.
Cat Stretch

Go down on the ground on all fours. Exhale and push the belly towards the spine to curve your
back upwards to the ceiling. Hold for several seconds. Then start lowering yourself back down.


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