How to train when you are on vacation

Who does not like going on vacation? We all would enjoy several days (or even more) lying on the beach or breathing fresh mountain air, or just sightseeing in a magnificent city where we have never been before. However, for all gym junkies the vacation may be a reason for worry.
“How am I going to train during it?” have probably asked many of you. Moreover, here we are getting to the point of this article – to show you some tips and tricks for how to stay in shape while you are on a vacation whether it is going to be a short or a long one.

Why should you keep exercising while on vacation?

Well, you might wonder why you should exercise if you are going on a vacation to take a break of your routine. Of course, some of you do not want to stop exercising no matter what but for the rest of you here is what happens if you stop exercising for a while:

  • Those who are fitter lose their fitness faster;
  • The aerobic capacity is lost much faster than you’d lose your muscular strength;
  • In fact, if just three weeks your aerobic power may go down by 5-10 percent;
  • Two months of inactivity can reverse everything you have done so far.

Sure, taking just a week off will not make much of a difference but if you are planning to travel
for more than that you should find a way to exercise in order to keep yourself fit. And here is how!

Walk on the beach
You can do yourself a wonderful favor if you just take a walk on the beach. The fact that you are moving across a soft sand means that you will burn more calories than if you were walking on a solid ground. Some experts even suggest that you will burn twice as many calories if you walk in the soft sand. Still, use shoes to protect your feet.

Play beach volleyball or go swimming or surfing
Playing beach volleyball can burn up to (and even more than) 150 calories per hours. Moreover, playing with different folks on the beach can help you make new friends.
Surfing is also wonderful for your body for it exercises every muscle. Swimming helps you exercise your cardio endurance, as well.

Ride a bike
There are many tourist spots that rent bicycles. And this is an amazing way to exercise while exploring the new place and seeing the different landmarks.

Go hiking
Hiking can be a great way to burn calories and work on your endurance, strength and muscle mass. There are many wonderful hikes available at plenty of places. If you are specifically going on a vacation for the mountain hike, then you have already scheduled a workout (even if unconsciously) for your vacation. If not, then you can check with your hotel if there are any hikes available nearby.

Play golf or tennis
Many hotels offer you a chance to go play golf or tennis. Those two sports are a wonderful way to burn some calories but remember that if you are playing golf you should carry your clubs and walk rather than ride in the car. Tennis can make for an amazing workout that can burn plenty of calories for you will be running around and chasing the ball like crazy.

How to replace the weightlifting exercises?

While finding a way to do your cardio exercises is easy, replacing the weightlifting exercises is a little bit more challenging. However, you can still manage to include this type of exercise in your vacation schedule by doing a workout with your body weight (or with your suitcases, as well).

You can easily do push-ups. Pull-ups can be performed on a tree branch or on a bar. In addition, there is nothing easier than doing crunches or sit-ups.

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