How to tell if you have fast metabolism

Metabolism is the sum of all chemical process which occur in the human body in order to maintain your life. The processes are also the ones which break down the calories to provide you the energy you need. So, metabolism is a key factor in how easily you are gaining weight.

For overweight people faster metabolic rate can help them lose weight. This is why many people consider the fast metabolism to be a good think. But people with fast metabolic rate also are at risk of some health problems. See how to tell if you have fast metabolism.

Being underweight

The BMI (Body mass index) for people with fast metabolism is comparatively lower than the desired value for the height, the age and the body type of this person. The societal pressure to be slim leads to people believing that skinny means healthy. But underweight people who have fast metabolic rate may risk lower immunity, anemia, growth issues, problems with bone and joints.

High basal body temperature

This is the lowest body temperature at rest. People who have a high metabolic rate feel hot and sweaty all the time because they have a high basal body temperature.

Irregular menstruation

Girls with a fast metabolism may have problems with their menstrual cycles. It may be irregular or it may start late. They may have lower energy just before and after their menstrual cycle.

Being hungry

It’s likely that people with a fast metabolism will feel hungry constantly even with the 5 recommended meals per day. Sometimes they may feel hungry right after eating food. This shows that the metabolic rate is at a peak speed.

Frequent urination

When the metabolism is fats, the body processes food more quickly. Thus, waste products are also produced more quickly. Due to this people with a high metabolic rate may need to urinate more often than others.

Mood swings

Fast metabolic rate can sometimes affect the person’s mood. Hyperthyroidism causes overproduction of hormones and this overproduction may lead to a faster metabolic reate. A 2012 study shows that hyperthyroidism causes a big spectrum of neurophychiatric symptoms – like depression and anxiety.


Fast metabolism can be caused by several different things with one of them being hypotheroidism where there is excessive thyroid production with symptoms of frequent bowel movements, rapid heart rate, trouble sleeping, fatigue, dizziness, excessive sweating, frequent mood swings and trembling hands.

What to do if you have a fast metabolism?

If your fast metabolism is causing you problems, then it’s best to consult your doctor. You’ll also need to learn to eat properly and it may be a good idea to relax after you eat.


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