How to stop sugar cravings

One of the main reasons for gaining weight nowadays, is that most foods are so delicious and full with calories. You can consume big amounts of tasty foods that are so high in calories, that you can’t really burn them even if you are really active. However most people are not that active, in fact most people tend to sit and not move for the most part of the day.
As you see, there are few reasons for gaining weight, and we want to talk about a specific one – sugar cravings.

What is sugar craving

Sugar craving is the feeling of needing to eat something sweet. Especially during times when you are hungry, or after a salty meal.
Usually people tend to eat a lot of sweets, and most of the times they feel quite quilty afetr wards. Mostly because sweets are high calorie foods, aren’t nutritionally providing much to the body and you can easily gain weight with eating sweets.

Why does it happen

Some happen after a normal meal, and you feel the need to eat something sweet – many people tend to eat sweets as a dessert. That is something quite common. However you can try to replace that with fruits for example. Yes we know that sometimes you just need some chocolate after a big meal, but you can try from time to time to replace the cookies for example with a banana and honey. They can be quite tasty too.

Some happen at night if you have been on a diet – many people that want to lose weight, look up diets and start to eat a lot less than what they are used to. Sometimes that is okay, if you want results, but for many people lowering calorie intake a lot, especially at the beginning might make you a lot more hungry. And one of the quiest ways to not be hungry, is to eat something sweet. But why they happen at night? Well many people are busy during the day and they are keeping the strict diets, but at night when you are hungry it is quite hard to resist the feeling of something sweet. Especially easy if you have sweets stuffs around the house.

Some happen during stressful times at work for example – many people tend to get stressful at work, they are under pressure, they have to do specific tasks for specific time frame, and that puts a lot of pressure on them. Some people relax and listen to music, some gossip and some tend to eat a lot of sweets to calm themselves. If you are one of those people, and you eat a lot of sweets when under stress, then you should figure out a way to either remove yourself from that amount of stress or stay away from rooms that have sweets available for you to eat, and also do not get into the store on your way to work. It is a lot easier to eat something sweet that is stending in your purse or at your desk, than if you haven’t picked it up from the store and you know that you have to spend time and energy to go purchase something.

Some are used for reward – many people try to reward themselves with something sweet just so they can do this little task. We often do it to the kids as well, we reward them with sweets after completing a task. And rewarding is good, but if you tend to eat a lot of sweets, you should consider other options to reward yourself and motivate yourself to do the tasks.

Studies have shown that sugar is highly addictive. So you should think about it as something that you can eat sometimes, but try to stay away from i general. You can of course switch the sweet stuff for home cooked ones for instance that might be way healthier and if you combine it with more natural ingredients the sugar effect might not be as strong on your desire.

How to stop them

You don’t need to stop all sweets, since if you already want to eat sweets soon or later you will start to eat them, no matter what kind of diet and great results you see.
So instead of stopping completely, just try to lower the intake and try to switch with healthier alternatives that are tasty but not as much of a junk food for instance – do not eat a cup cake, instead try to eat natural chocolate bar + banana, or fruits and honey or make yourself homemade oat meal baked goods.

How not to eat that much sweets

1.Remove them from your house

Easiest way, and the most simple one is just to remove the temptation. It is way easier to eat stuff when you have them in your house. So for example you haven’t eaten much and you had a long work day, you come back home and there are stweets in the refridgerator. It is quite an easy option and quite hard to resist.
If you simply do not purchase and bring them into your house, the temptation would be a lot less. Also you would have to get  up and go to the store just for something sweet, which might make you change your mind about fruits as a replacement.

2.Do not purchase when at the store

When you are at the store, simply try to ingnore them, instead eat something before going to the store, and that way when you are full won’t be craving as much sweets, so you won’t bring few boxes at home.

3.Eat more fruits

Sweets are sweets, but you can also be creative and try new combinations with fruits. Now we know when you want to eat cookies is hard to replace them with orange. But if you combine honey or cinnamon for example with fruits like strawberries or bananas you might just get a new better tasty foods that you can eat without consuming high amounts of calories and nutritionally deplited foods.

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