How to recover better after a work out

Any workout plan should include appropriate amounts of rest and recovery. The recovery period
is the time when the damaged muscle fibers are being repaired which is the time when you gain
muscle mass. Recovery after a workout is crucial for tissue repair and for strength building,
especially after you have a heavy weight workouts. Your muscles need about 24-48 hours to
repair themselves and to rebuild the damaged during the exercises muscle fibers and if you work
out too soon you won’t build muscle but will cause them to break down. So here is how to
recover better after you work out.
Don’t forget to stretch your muscles
When you are training to build muscle mass there is a change that you’ll forget to stretch your
muscles. But if you don’t have enough flexibility in the muscles you may not gain the full
benefits of the lifting exercises. Also, when you stretch after the tough exercises you will relieve
the tension in the muscles and may prevent the full extent of the soreness you’ll feel in the
muscles later.
Active recovery
The rest days are vital, as we already said, for your muscles because that’s when they get their
break and recover themselves. If possible, do some light movements during the rest days – like
walking to the nearby store or taking the steps rather than the elevator, or simply flaying Frisbee
with your friends. Those things stimulate the blood flow and improve the circulation to your
muscles which relieves the soreness in them.
Sleep enough
The link between exercise and sleep isn’t exactly clear but many studies suggest that if you are
sleep deprived this may lead to vast negative effects on your recovery and overall performance.
Also, during sleep is when the most part of protein synthesis is happening – so getting enough
sleep may lead to stronger muscles. Some people may do fine with about 7 hours of sleep per
night but if you are training intensely you may need up to 9 hours.
Eat healthy foods
After you exercise your body will be depleted (or almost depleted) from fuel (aka energy). And
you need to provide it with more energy in order for it to be able to recover, repair the damaged
tissues and get stronger. It’s recommended to have a healthy snack within 60 minutes after
you’ve finished working out and to include complex carbohydrates and high-quality proteins.
Drink enough fluids
While you are working out you lose fluids. So you should replace those fluids – in the ideal case,
during the exercise. But to boost your recovery you should fill up on fluids (water’s the best

choice) after you finish exercising. This supports the function of the metabolism and also
promotes the transfer of nutrients.
Eat foods rich in potassium
It’s a good idea to include some potassium rich foods in your post-workout nutrition plan. When
you train intensely, the body uses up quite a lot amount of potassium. But this nutrient is a key
mineral for the muscular energy (together with calcium and sodium). For healthy potassium
sources you can turn to potatoes or bananas.


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