How to pick T-shirts to make your arms look bigger

So, you are a skinny person but you want your arms to look bigger? Well, yes, you can achieve that by training enough but this takes time to produce results. So, what can you do?

We have some clothing hacks for you. Here we’ll show you how to pick T-shirts to make your arms look bigger.


Pick up clothes which are perfect for your body. Don’t wear oversized clothes – they won’t make you look bigger in size. Actually, they will further emphasize your slender physique making you look skinnier. And don’t go for too tight clothes. You should rather choose a T-shirt that’s just the right size.

Look for T-shirts which enhance the shoulders and make the waist look smaller. This will create the illusion that you have more muscle mass than you actually do.

We know that black makes your body look more slender. But do you know that white can make you look more muscular. Try to wear more white T-shirts to pairing darker ones with a lighter shade on the bottom part.

Try various textures and patterns. Vertical stripes make the body look taller while the horizontal stripes make the body look wider. If your body looks wider, that means your shoulders would look bigger. Don’t go for patterns which are up and down but rather choose ones which cross your frame. Try horizontal stripe patterns and consider fabrics with texture which can make your torso and legs look bigger.


Go for T-shirts and other shirts with a strong and firm collar. This may mean polo shirts, button up shirts, funnel necks, crew neck sweaters, collared sweaters, shawl necks, turtlenecks or zip necks. They will make up for your slim neckline width and will make you look wider.


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