How to perform Push-ups

Push ups are an exercise for developing strength which strengthens the triceps, the pectoral muscles and the anterior deltoids. They are a basic exercise used for civilian and military training. It is performed by lowering and raising the body with the help of the arms. They are commonly used as a punishment in the military or some martial arts.

How to perform it

Let us start from the basis. You should be facing the ground with your hands placed on it. The distance between your hands should be a little wider that the distance between your shoulders.

The angle of your hands depends on what is comfortable for you. They can be with your middle finger pointed straight ahead or turned slightly inwards for less stress on the wrists. If you want to, you can also perform the push ups on the knuckles of your hands but in this case you should be on a semi-soft surface – a carpet, for example.

The position of your feet also depends on your comfortability. Some spread their legs on a shoulder width, others prefer their feet to be touching each other. Remember that you will get more stability if the distance between your feet is wider.

Do not forget that your body should be in a straight line. If your butt is higher or lower than the rest of your body, you should correct your position.
Look ahead, not down. Looking up is helpful for keeping your body in a straight line. Still, if you feel better looking down, this is not such a big issue.

Then steadily start lowering your body until your elbows are at an angle of 90 degrees (or smaller). Do not let your elbows fly out, keep them near your body. When you go as far down as possible, make a small pause and then push forcefully back until you are at a starting position.

And that is it; you have done one push-up. Now repeat.

Mistakes to avoid

One of the most common mistakes in to not keep your body is a straight line. All parts of your body should move up and down as one. If you are doing this, try to tighten your butt and your abdomen.

Another one is placing your hands wrong. If they are too far apart or too far forward, your shoulders will experience more stress and you will not be able to use your full strength for the upwards motion.

Some people also let their elbows flare which is also wrong for it puts more stress on the shoulders.

Also, avoid holding your breath. You should inhale when you lower yourself down and exhale when you move up.

More advices

Do not try anything that is too hard for you. If you cannot do a proper push up, try to do the exercise on your knees rather than on your toes. On the other hand, do the push up by placing your hands on an elevated surface (a stable one!). Always ensure that your hands and your elbows are in a proper position.

Moreover, finally, here is a video which shows the proper way of performing this exercise:

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