How to perform Bench press at 45 degrees

What is bench press? That is an exercise used to boost the strength of the upper body. Bench press strengthens many muscles among which is the pectoralis major. You should learn how to do the exercise properly in order to get the most benefits out of it and to avoid being injured. Bench press at 45 degrees is done by lying on a bench under a bar with weight where the bench is inclined at a 45-degree angle with respect to the ground. Therefore, the only difference from the regular bench press is how much pressure is put on the muscle.

How to perform it

To begin with, you should provide yourself a stable and steady base by placing your feet properly – this means to put the back of your feet as much toward your butt as possible but still keeping the feet flat.

You have to lie down close enough to the rack to ensure you can easily unrack the weights.
Squeeze tightly your shoulders and arch your back slightly (if you are powerlifting, arch is as much as possible) for this will help prevent injuries. Tightly grab the bar using the bottom part of your palm. Maintain a straight position of the wrists. Your thumb SHOULD be wrapped around the bar.

When you have gripped strongly the bar, breathe in and brace your abdomen. Then start lowering down the bar and during the lowering part of the exercise hold your breath. When the bar reaches the body, you should start strongly pushing it back up while breathing out forcefully. Also, while pushing back to starting position, tighten your glutes and drive your legs to the ground.

Mistakes to avoid

One of the most common mistakes is trying to lift more weight than you can carry. Do not try this because you risk injuring yourself and it does nothing to making you stronger. In addition, some people bend their wrists, which is a big no-no. If you tend to make this mistake, you need to pay extra attention to the position of your wrists – they should be straight. There are lifters who do the lifting without a full grip – meaning that they do not involve their thumb in the grip. Remember, this is a huge mistake for is increases the risk of injury (that way you can easily drop the bar on yourself).
Another mistake is to flare your elbows – like the rest of the mistakes, this can also lead to injury due to placing too much stress on one’s shoulders.

More advices

Do not forget – your butt should be at the bench at all times, do not lift it up while bringing the weights back to starting positions. A rule of thumb is to have a spotter by you when you are lifting. In addition, a good thing to remember is not to lift your neck or your head during the bench
Moreover, remember to pay attention to how you lift the bar – you should not bounce if off your chest. If you need to do this in order to lift the weights, then you are lifting more than you can carry and you should lower the weight on the bar.

We will finish with a short video, which shows how bench presses at 45 degrees are done:

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