How to Lose Weight (Beginners guide)

Losing weight is something that so many people desire. In towaday’s world there is just too much food which is high in calories and there is just too little activity. In our everyday schedule, we tend to sit so much, when in car, when at our job or when at home. So activities are so important.

And body weight is connected with those things, calroies and activity level.

How to begin with losing weight

Losing weight, should start with idea of what goal exactly do you have, and it is important to be realistic. Don’t expect to lose 20lbs ot weight in a week. You might, but it might not be just body fat, and mostly water, and also it is not good for your body, to lose that much weight in that amount of time.

Realistic and good body fat reduction is something in the lines of 10 lbs for 1-2 months. If you have unrealistic goal you can quickly demotivate yourself and just give up on trying to lose weight. If you have good realistic goal and you see progress you might achieve your results faster and a lot easier.


Then you should not choose bad diets to resitrict your calories that much to lose the weight fast. We know it sounds nice to lose so much weight in short amount of time, but keep in might that it is not that healthy and it might come back quite fast too.

Also if you restrict your calories too much, you might not get any results. Your body might just try to keep the excees fat since it is starving.


Keep in mind that this usualy takes at least few months, and you have to be motivated and prepaired to eat better food and work out. If you have set good realsiticl goal and you have an idea how to prepaire better low caloric foods then you can continue with the ideas.

Then chose how to do it

To lose body weight, there are 2 ways in general.

You either eat less calories than your body spend, so you can start to burn into the body fat as energy.
Or you can start to work out to burn more calories, either way you have to burn more calories than you consume.

What is body fat

How to find out how many calories I need

How to calculate food calories

To find out how much a food provides, there a few ways to check the numbers. You can simply look at the text on the food label, or if you purchase foods in bulk and cook at your house, you can check on the internet. For instance if you are cooking potatoes and have put 1lbs of potatoes you can simply do a quick search of how much a potatoe has for 1lbs.

Prepare your meals

It would be a lot easier if you prepare few meals before you go to work. That way you will have something tasty and low calorie to eat at work instead of the usual foods.

Get a solid workout plan

Drink water

Eat foods rich in carbs and low in calories

If you crave sweets, try fruits.

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