How to lose booty fat

One cannot manipulate where their body stores fat. For most people the excess fat goes on their butt. And, understandably, many people are asking the question ‘How can I get rid of my booty fat?’ Well, we are here to answer this question.


Running promotes the loss of weight from the entire body. It tones the muscles of the legs and the butt which makes them more well-defined. It also has many other health benefits so it’s a wonderful option to tone your butt and lose weight.

Step climbing

This helps you promote the health of the heart and the lungs. But it also works on the entire lower body so it tones the muscles in the upper legs and in the butt. You can walk up flights of stairs, hike uphill, use a climbing wall or use a stepping machine.


They are a wonderful exercise for the entire lower body portion. They work on the abdomen, legs and butt. And if you want to activate the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius, you can do single-leg squats. For a single-leg squat you should do the following:
Extend your arms in front of your body.
Stand on your left leg and extend your right leg as high as possible in front of you.
Start lowering the butt to the floor as much as possible while keeping your leg elevated. Keep your back straight and remember that your left knee should be in line with your left foot.
Return to starting position. Repeat. Switch legs.


Those are an amazing way to activate the gluteus maximus muscle. Here is how it’s done:
Stand straight and keep your feet at a hip-width apart.
Make a large step forward with your left leg.
Start lowering your body bending your knees to a 90-degree angle. Don’t touch the ground with
your right knee, nor put your left knee past your left foot’s toes.
Return to starting position and repeat.

Dietary changes

In order to lose weight from any part of your body you’ll need to make some dietary changes.
You should consume mostly whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. Don’t forget the fats as some people do – healthy fats are an important part of the balanced diet so you should include them as well.
Avoid eating processed foods, excess sodium and carbonated drinks. But don’t go into starvation and don’t exclude the fats, the carbs or the proteins from your diet.


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