How to look wider

How to look wider? Well, you need to train your shoulders to get wider. This will not only give you a better overall look but will also make you stronger which means that everyday tasks will be much more easier for you and you’ll be less likely to get injured while you are exercising.

Can you make the shoulders wider?

Well, you cannot change the structure of the bones – this is genetically determined. But you can still change the shoulder width to some degree. You can develop and build up the muscles of the shoulders by training them and this will also give them a more aesthetic look.

You’ll need to focus on the deltoids which consist of three parts – anterior, medial (or lateral) and posterior deltoid.

What exercises to perform?

Seated rear lateral raise – sit on a bench, hold dumbbells at your sides, bend forward and allow the torso to rest on your thighs. Slowly start lifting the dumbbells up and to the side until you get the elbows to a shoulder height.

Dumbbells front raise – stand straight and hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Lift the hands in front of yourself and keep the palms faced toward the thighs. This is the starting position. Lift one of the dumbbells up until the arm is a bit higher than a parallel to the floor position. Pause, return to the starting position and repeat with the other side.

Overhead shoulder press – stand straight, hold dumbbells or barbell a bit above the upper part of the chest. Press the weight upwards toward the ceiling keeping the elbows in. Lower to starting position. Repeat.

Face pulls – using a rope attachment set at upper chest height, hold the rope gripping it with an overhand grip. Step back and sit back into the hips while starting to pull the cable. Let the elbows flare out sideways and parallel to the floor. Start pulling the rope towards the face, hold for a while in fully contracted position and slowly start going back to the starting position.

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