How to get tight buttox

You want to get a tight buttox but you don’t know which exercises can help you achieve your goal. No worries, we’ll try to help you as much as possible with our list of exercises for tight buttox.


Find a step with knee-height, step onto it while pulling from your front heel and only use one of the legs to push the body into top position. Get the other leg on the step, go back down and repeat by switching legs.


Put your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width. Slowly start bending at the knees to lower yourself to a 90-degree angle with respect to the ground. Go back to starting position. Repeat for about 15-20 times. Do around 2-3 sets.

Reverse lunges

Stand straight. Put one of your legs back, then drop the knee of the back leg to touch or at least come really close to the ground. Return to starting position by pulling up from your front heel.

Hip bridge

Lie on the back and pull your legs in. Keep the feet lying flat on the ground. Put the hands by the sides, point the palms upwards. Push the hips towards the ceiling. When at the top, squeeze the buttox tight. Don’t overextend the hips, don’t use the lower back for extra movement. Hold for about 5 seconds. Slowly return to starting position.

Mule kick

Kneel on all fours. The hands should be under your shoulders while the knees should be kept under the hips. Start taking one of the leg backwards and upwards. Keep the leg slightly bended to disable the hamstrings. Squeeze your buttox tight when on top of the movement.
Don’t overextend your leg. Also, remember that you should NOT use the lower back – it should be kept in a neutral spine position all the time.

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