How to get separation between your biceps and triceps

Separation, or the so called cuts, between the biceps and the triceps can be achieved by lifting weights regularly and targeting those specific muscles. If you strengthen and grow muscles which are close together, then you can get separation between them.
The muscles can be further defined (aka separated) by decreasing the percentage of body fat because this will let your skin sit tight against the lean muscle tissue and follow the curvature of the muscle itself.
To get the best results, combine overall fat loss with a healthy diet and specific for those muscles exercises.

Dietary habits

Make a few dietary changes. Restrict the foods which are high in sugar, sodium and saturated fat. Start consuming mostly nutritious foods – fresh vegetables and fruits, lean cut meats, etc.
They promote the lean muscle tissue growth. Include lots of protein in the diet because the amino acids which are extracted from protein are what develops the lean muscle tissue.


To achieve general fitness, you have to work on several muscles together. But if you want cut muscles, then you need to incorporate also such exercises which target the region you would like to get separation in. So you need to perform at least 3 strength training exercises for arm and shoulders in every workout but remember that the biceps and the triceps need a full day of rest between the workouts in order to recover.

You can start by doing curls – to put more focus on the biceps, perform biceps curls with the help of an exercise bench which has a back support.
You can also perform shoulder press on an exercise seat (also with back support).
Another helpful exercise is barbell deltoid rows with a weighted barbell for about 10-15 reps.

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