How to get motivated

Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation. In fact, at times even the smallest positive changes may seem like they are too difficult. But with some tiny changes you can get started on your road to a healthier life. Let’s see which steps can help you get motivated.

One goal

Many people find it hard to get motivated because they are overwhelmed with so many different things that they get exhausted. Don’t try to do too much at once, don’t try to achieve all your goals at once. This simply takes too much energy and your focus will be spread over many different aspects. Chose one goal at a time and completely focus on it. Then go on to the next one. And the next one. And so on.

Find inspiration

Inspiration can be sometimes found by looking up to people who’ve already accomplished a lot in the field you are trying to accomplish something. Read books, magazines, blogs. Read successful stories.

Get exited

If you want to have motivation, get excited. You need to start with excitement and build on it.
Read as much as possible, talk to your closes ones about your goal, visualize it in your head.
Then take that energy and bring it forward.


This is a helpful tip, although it’s not easy to build anticipation. Set a particular date sometime in the future – in a week, two weeks or a month – mark it on the calendar and get excited about it. Make it really important. And while you are waiting for it, make a plan. That way you’ll be building anticipation, increasing your focus and upping the energy which is necessary to accomplish your goal.

Post your goals

Take a post-it or a plain list of paper and write your goal on it – even if it’s just a few words like “Start running”, “Exercise for 10 mins a day”, etc. Then post it on the fridge or your wall. That reminders will help you keep the focus and excitement. And you can post also a picture of your goal.

Think about it every day

If you think every day about your goal, then you’re much more likely to achieve it. Here the above tip helps a lot. Or you can set up daily reminders. And if it’s possible to do one small thing on the road to your goal every day, this is even better.


Having someone to support you is really important. Accomplishing something alone isn’t an easy job.

Realize motivation isn’t constant

It can come and go. Again. And again. And again. But it will eventually come back. Just stick to your goal and wait for your motivation to come back. While you are waiting, ask for help,read about your goals or try some of our other tips.

Don’t give up

This is really important, so we’ll repeat it. Don’t give up! You can’t give in on every little bump down the road. Stay with it, think long-term, persist and it’ll eventually happen.

Start small

As with the first advice, thinking too big can be an obstacle. Try starting small and increase the time you are spending on working towards your goal every day or every week.

Build on the small successes

This builds on the above tip. By starting small you won’t be failing and you’ll actually be succeeding in working on your goal. Build on these successes, even if they are small, and you’ll feel good. Thus, you are more likely to continue chasing your goal.

Read daily about it

Reading a book or a blog which is focused on the area your goal is in can be really helpful.
This can make you feel motivated and excited.

Focus on the benefits rather than on the difficulties

Don’t think how hard your goal is. Rather, think about what are you going to get out of achieving your goal. For example, think about what are you going to gain from going for a run or hitting the gym.

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