How to get more energized

We all have had occasions in which we’ve felt completely out of energy. This state is terrible and we definitely don’t want to feel like this. But there are people who frequently feel tired and even exhausted. How can one get out of such a state, how can one get more energized? We are here to answer this question.

Don’t overwork

This is a major reason for fatigue. And by overwork we don’t mean only doing too much at work. This also includes social and family obligations. Focus mainly on the activities you MUST do and try to lighten your load in respect to things which it’s not necessary for you to do. If you have to, ask for help at work or with the obligations at home.

Drink water

Dehydration is another major cause of exhaustion. Water enhance your performance in every regard. So drink enough water to keep your body well-hydrated and well-functioning.

Eat regularly

Your body needs energy to function. This energy comes from the food. So if you don’t eat enough, your body will start running out of fuel (aka energy) and your energy and mood will go down. But eating regular and HEALTHY meals can improve your cognitive function and energy

Limit the consumption of alcohol

In order to avoid the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion you’d better limit the alcohol consumption. Alcohol has a sedative effect which is especially powerful in the middle of the day (so if you enjoy having a drink at lunch but you want to have more energy, you’d better forget
this lunch drink). If you want to have something alcoholic, drink moderately and at a time when you’re okay with feeling less energetic.


Exercising enhances your blood circulation and gives more energy to your cells to burn. It also leads to the release of norepinephrine and epinephrine which, when in moderate amounts, make you feel more energetic. Exercising also makes you sleep better. All of those things combined mean that the exercises will boost your energy level and will get you out of the state of tiredness.

Control the levels of stress

The emotions which are induced by stress lead to the consumption of lots of energy. Try to be less stressed and, if necessary, talk to a friend or a family member, join a support group or go see a psychotherapist. There are also some relaxation therapies including yoga, meditation, tai chi and others.


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