3 easy Ways on How to eat Better for the Whole week

Eating healthy is easy. Learning to eat healthy is not that easy because you need to fall out of old habits and get new ones. But there are many benefits of the healthy eating. For one, it’ll make you… well, healthier, it can help you deal with some nasty medical issues. And second,it’ll allow you to feel better. Processed foods high in sugar will no longer make you feel a “kick” of energy which goes away in half an hour and leaves you exhausted. No more nasty bloating or constipation (unless it’s a medical problem which requires medical treatment;

consult your doctor). No more sudden hunger because you’ve consumed only simple carbs which quickly make your body run out of fuel.
But in the hastiness of the day-to-day life it’s easy to forget to eat healthy and snack on sugar-packed or processed foods. So, how can you start to eat better for the whole week with not so much effort? Well, we have some nice tips for you to get you on your way to a healthier way of life.

Portion size

The size of the portion is important. A nice idea is to make yourself some healthy foods,separate them into different portions with appropriate size and freeze them (uncooked). Then take each one individually rather than defrosting the whole thing. Remember, thawing out and refreezing depletes the nutrients.

If you eat too big of a portion size, then you will feel too full and your digestion will have troubles coping with all the food you’ve put in your stomach. This can also make you feel slow and sleepy.

Meal planning

To go through a whole week without deviating from your healthy eating regimen, do some meal planning. This can sometimes be difficult but other times it will be just pulling the food in the morning and letting it thaw out for the day. Plan the grocery list for the entire week and prep the meals during the weekend.

Quick and easy meals

Here are some ideas for quick and easy foods which can help you eat healthy during the
entire week.

  • Iced green tea – sometimes our bodies confuse thirst for hunger. So by hydrating yourself with something delicious and healthy, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. Plus, the green tea has quite a few health benefits.
  • Quinoa – easy to make. Two cups of quinoa are put in a pot with four cups of water and allowed to boil. After the water starts boiling, reduce the oven to a simmer and allow 7-10 minutes for the quinoa to finish cooking. Let it cool. Then put it in a container and place it in the refrigerator. You can easily use the quinoa all week and in many different ways – with a kale salad, with frozen veggies, with veggie broth, with almond milk and chopped walnuts, etc.
  • Hardboiled eggs – a wonderful way to snack on some food and you can combine them with different vegetables for even more delicious meal.
  • Chopped salad (without lettuce) – if you’re bored with the old green salad, do yourself a lettuce-free salad with chopped jicama, celery, green peppers and carrots.
  • Burnt veggies – mix broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and/or other veggies, roast them in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until they are slightly burnt. You can eat them as an afternoon snack, a side dish for dinner or with an omelet for breakfast, etc.

In conclusion

There are many other ways to help yourself eat healthier and become healthier as a result but
we tried to show you some of them which are quick and easy to follow.

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