How to do Dips

Dips, which are also called push-ups sometimes, is an exercise for strength training for, primarily, the triceps and some other muscles. In this exercise one hangs from a set of rings or a dip bar while their shoulders are over their hands and their arm are straight down. The body is lowered down and then lifted back up to starting position. You would better not perform this if you have had shoulder injuries. However, for those of you who are in a good health condition we will describe how to do dips.

How to perform it

To do the exercise you will need two parallel dip bars, which are fixed in a stable condition. You can find them in most gyms. The first step is, of course, to grab the bars. Then jump up and balance your body position while keeping your elbows locked.

Then bend your arms to lower your body while leaning your torso forward a little bit. Keep this motion until your shoulders reach a height below your elbows. After you have achieved this, start lifting your body by straightening the arms. Lift up until you are back to starting position. Now your shoulders should be over your hands and you should lock your elbows again. For those of you who don’t have enough strength for doing dips we have another option – just jump up, straighten your arms, lower your body slowly until you reach a position in which your shoulder are placed below your elbows. Afterwards step on the floor and jump back again. Repeat.

Mistakes to avoid

One common mistake is not going low enough. This will result in you not getting the full benefit of the exercise. Remember, you should reach a height at which your shoulders are below your elbows.

The exact opposite – going too low – is also a mistake for this put too much pressure on the shoulders and you are at a risk of injury. Another mistake is not locking your elbows. Remember, this is important for it helps prevent an injury of the elbows.

You are going ahead of yourself? Mistake! What do we mean by that? Well, some people start doing dips before they are actually ready for this; before they have enough strength to do the exercise properly. If doing full dips is too hard for you, start with another form of dips that we have mentioned above.

More advices

What else should you know? Well, do not remember to breathe properly. This means that you should inhale while you are at the top, hold your breath while lowering yourself down and exhale when you are at the top again.
Also, remember that your knees should be bend and your feet should be crossed.
Grip the bars with the lower part of your palm, near your wrists. Squeeze the bars with full grip.
Moreover, do you know how to place your hands? Well, they should be just outside of the hips and under the shoulders. Your forearms should be vertical and your elbows should not be flared or touching your torso.

Lastly, here is a video showing how to do dips:

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