How to build bigger traps with better training

The traps are back muscles which are really big and substantially contribute to the thickness of your neck and upper back. The best exercises you can use to train them are pulling movements which involve the traps quite highly and allow you to move heavy loads safely.

But which are the best exercises for training of the traps?

Barbell deadlift

This is a wonderful exercise for a number of muscles, including traps. Research says that the deadlift if an excellent way to build the strength of your lower back and prevent injury. Don’t deadlift if you have a back disease or have injured your back before. Rather, consult with a doctor to check what’s best for you.

Barbell shrug

Another quite helpful exercise, which is generally considered to be the king of trapecius exercises. It activates mostly the upper and the middle traps. A slightly wider positioning of the hands can further help you isolate the traps.

Romanian deadlift

Effective way to overload your traps if done as it should be. It puts quite a lot of tension on the upper part of your back and helps you develop the glutes, hamstrings and lats. The use of straps is recommended.

Dumbbell Shrug

Similar to the barbell shrug but allows the use of a slightly larger motion range. It’s minus is that most people aren’t able to put up with as much weight on this exercise as they can with the barbell.

Barbell Row

Trains every muscle of the back.

Dumbbell row

It lets you safely overload the upper part of your back and to use a large motion range. The dumbbell row also trains each side of your back independently which means it prevents muscle imbalances. And it also trains the rear delts and biceps.

Cable face pull

It strengthens not only the traps but also the rotator cuff muscles and the posterior deltoids.

Dumbbell side raise

It trains mostly the lateral head and the anterior head of the deltoids but some research has shown that the front, side and rear delts cause a huge trap activation, especially in the upper traps.

Seated cable row

Another style of row which can really help you build your upper back and traps. There are two main versions – wide grip and close grip – so you can pick the one which is better for you.

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