How often should you take a break from the gym

Yes, it’s very important to train regularly in order to be healthy and to maintain your muscle mass. But if you go overboard with your training regimen you can do some harm of your health.
That’s why you should take a break from the gym from time to time. Let’s look further into this.

The importance of rest

Your body needs time to recover between the training sessions. During this rest period it repairs the muscle damage which occurred during the workout and prepares for the next session.
Actually you don’t gain endurance and strength while you are sweating at the gym but while you are recovering from the exercises. So if you train regularly, the rule of thumb is to have at least a day off every week so your body can rest. If you are one of the average gym-goers, that will be enough for you. But if you are training vigorously or have participated in a challenging athletic event – or are an athlete – then you need several weeks of reduced amount of exercise – or complete lack of exercise.

What are the signs that you need time off?

Everybody has a different level of tolerance when it comes to overtraining. If you are an seasoned athlete you may be able to train for hours most days in the week but most people will quickly burn out with this level of exercising.
If you are experiencing moodiness, lack of appetite, exhaustion and fatigue, decreased performance, muscle soreness and insomnia, then you may be suffering from overtraining.
We want to remind you, once again, then you really need to have proper rest in order to not injure yourself and to fully experience all the benefits of exercising. If you overtrain, then you will be more susceptible to injuries and illness. If you are experiencing any sign of overtraining, you should give yourself more rest. Usually you’ll need to take more days off and go with shorter and easier workouts until you recover. But if you are an overtrained athlete, you’ll probably require at least a couple months of rest.

Plan your time off

You may think that in order to gain strength and muscle mass, or to lose weight and improve your health, you need to train every day. But – we know we said it several times already but it’s important to stress this enough – your body needs rest. While it rests it repairs the damaged
muscle fibers and your muscles can grow.
It’s good to have regular days off planned in your schedule. And, if you feel like you’ve been overtraining yourself lately – or are experiencing any of the symptoms of overtraining – then provide yourself with extra rest. When you are injured, sick or exhausted you will also need more rest from exercising. And, when it comes to injuries, you’d better have enough rest and only do light work outs on the unaffected muscle groups, if possible. Rest well during periods of acute illnesses and give yourself at least some days off after an injury – more, if the injury is


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