How not to Get Tired from The Same Foods

When you workout, food is important to make progress. Whether we are talking about gaining muscle or losing body fat. Most of the time the food is something like a schedule that you keep everyday. You do it and you see progress, and it goes like that for months, however the food might be balanced, but at some point it might get boring. No matter how good it tastes at some point, you just want something different to eat.

So there are few options if you are tired from the same food to keep progress at gym.

1 Add or change spices

Let’s say that you are cooking a meal, and you add the usual spices, like орегано, pepper salt and etc. If you do this for months, you are definitely gonna get tired from the same taste. So you can simply switch some spices or just add vegetables. Vegetables like carrots, potatoes, onion and many more go well with different foods, so you can just switch them and try it out. Then if you like it continue to experiment with different vegetables and foods so you can eat foods and do not get tired from the same taste.

2 Switch the food

If you really don’t want to keep adding stuff to the same food, you can simply switch the food. This option is good idea, however there is one key point you have to switch it with similar calorically and nutritionally rich food. So let’s say you need 30 gr of protein and 450 kcal for that one meal, and you are currently achieving this with chicken and rice, you can simply switch it with food that has the same amount of protein and kcal, for example beans and veggies.
Switching the food has the idea to help you keep achieving great results but not get bored from the taste, and actually enjoy eating the foods that help your body progress.

3 Try new recipes

If you want to keep eating that one meal, because you enjoy the results, but want to eat different foods too, then look up some nice recipes. There are so many different ways to prepare a meal, so you won’t get bored from eating it.

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