How not to get fat during christmas holidays

Many people are concerned with gaining weight during the holidays. The holidays may encourage you to eat too much and exhibit sedentary behavior. You are also more likely to eat rich in calories foods. Most of people don’t lose those extra kilos when the holidays are over and that’s why the holidays may lead to gaining fat. But here is how to avoid gaining fat during the Christmas holidays.

Be active

Don’t just sit on the couch to watch TV. This is a sedentary activity which may lead to weight gain, especially if you are also overeating. Do some kind of activity together with you family for this will not only prevent you from gaining fat but will also bond you with your loved ones.

Snack wisely

Keep the treats away, out of sight. And be mindful of what you eat. If you need a snack, choose fruits, nuts, vegetables or seeds.

Get enough sleep

During the holidays it’s pretty common to be sleep deprived. But this may lead to gaining weight because it makes you feel hungrier and consume more calories while exercising less.
Inadequate sleep also lowers your metabolism.

Keep your protein intake balanced

Usually when it comes to holiday meals you are consuming plenty of carbs and less protein.
But it’s important to keep the protein intake balanced because this reduces the hunger and appetite and automatically reduces the calorie intake. Protein also increases the metabolism and increases the levels of the hormones which reduce your appetite.

Don’t forget the fibers

Fibers are also important and you shouldn’t exclude them from your diet during the holidays.
Eat enough foods which contain this nutrient because fibers induce satiety and will keep you
full for longer which means you are less prone to overeating and having unhealthy snacks.

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