How not to gain fat with slow metabolism

What is metabolism

Metabolism is combination of different chemical reactions that happen in the living organisms to sustain the organism and its cells.
The two main forms of metabolism are catabolism and anabolism. The catabolism is the process of breaking down of molecules and obtaining energy and anabolism is when the synthesis of the compounds required by the body happen.

What is slow metabolism

Usually there are 2 ways to describe metabolism, when we are talking in terms of sport and athletic performance:
Fast metabolism – many people that have fast metabolism (or simply faster rate of breaking down and building) are usually hard to gain body fat. This is simply because they burn more energy and if they eat the same amount of food as personal with regular or slow metabolism they are most likely to use the energy instead of storing it.
Slow metabolism – is when you are not as active and usually it depends on the person too, generally speaking your body breaks down and uses the molecules slowlier and uses a lot less energy for the usual processes.

How do you gain fat

As we mentioned, if you have slow metabolism – no matter if you are just not active, eat too little or it is simply your natural state, your body consumes and builds slowilier than people with fast metabolism. So if you and a person with same requirements of calories (age,sex,weight,activity) eat for example 3000kcal , the person with faster metabolism is more likely to use a lot more calories. And the person with slow metabolis will use a lot less calories and its body will store more as body fat. So you see it is a lot easier to gain fat when you have slow metabolism.

How not to gain fat

So if you  noticed you have slow metabolism, that you gain body fat easy, then there are few ideas that can help you with not gaining body fat.
Eat less fat – depending on the type of fat, there are healthy and not that healthy fats. So for example if you eat nuts – a source of healthy fats, you will consume a lot of calories and also fat is a lot easier to be converted into body fat than any other nutrient. You should eat abou 10-20% of your daily calorie intake in fat but try to use healthy fats, and not over consume. Keep in mind that a lot of foods contain fat too – sweets, sandwitches a lot of restaurant foods too. Easiest way is to eat more home cooked meals, where you do not add as much fat.

Do not consume a lot of sweets  – sweets are high calorie foods, and they are also not nutritionally dense foods. So they will help with gaining weight and if you have slow metabolism would be even easier. They provide big amount of calories and if you have slow metabolism and your body tends to store a lot more body fat then you have to consider either stopping them, lowering the intake, or maybe just try to eat more fruits instead of sweets.

Count your calories – one thing you can do about your food, is to count your calories. This way you could make sure you are not over eating. So for instance if you are cunrrently consuming 2700 kcal and your body gains weight, then you might decrease them a bit, this way your body will only receive required energy and not more than that. So it will simply not store it as energy.

Exercise – exercising will help you speed up your metabolism and also will burn calories. So if you need 2500 calories and you are eating 3000 if you exercise your metabolism will speed up and you will use some calories when you are working out. So instead of gaining fat you will most likely stay the same weight and even improve your overall fitness.


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